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Bread Crumb
Goldmine is one of the first original legacy systems that came out when contact management was first invented.   Great difficulties were encountered when sync technology was originally introduced causing data corruption in many instances.

Goldmine is a great help for medium sized sales organizations plus marketing automation, sales force automation and customer service and support. As the name suggests, it helps these businesses turn their contacts into gold.

What do you need to know about Goldmine CRM?

  • Through Goldmine Mobile CRM you can view, edit, and add to contacts, account details and notes. It also enables you to schedule meetings, review tickets, make updates and so on.
  • The power of Goldmine is not only in its Goldmine add-ons but in its architecture that enables end-user customization and tailoring to a company’s specific CRM requirements.
  • Forecast features allow managers to view each opportunity in the system and enable all levels of management understand the big picture, to help keep sales cycles on track
  • GoldMine helps sales agents and sales manager maintain a consistent selling process with visible results


What do our consultants have to say about Goldmine?

It’s hard to find Goldmine CRM consultant with the depth and decades of experience that our team has.  Regardless of whether you want to improve or upgrade your Goldmine or switch to another more popular CRM we can help.  Often starting with support and training is all you need for smaller implementations.  If you have more than 10 people and more complex needs it is time for a Design Audit to get on the right path.