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Goldmine CRM Integration offers great flexibility to integrate with Microsoft Outlook and many other third party applications.

Integration with MS Exchange Server

Using Goldmine CRM Integration services you can share your contacts and calendar information from Microsoft Outlook to Goldmine CRM and vice versa. It offers following benefits.

  • Calendar can be accessed from Goldmine or Exchange and can be accessed in both the applications. Appointments can be scheduled and can be viewed in both the applications. Contacts can be shared between Exchange users and Goldmine users. It increases overall efficiency of the organization by sharing information.
  • Increased returns on the investment on technology. Improved co-ordination between Goldmine and Exchange users results into time saving and increased sale.
  • Exchange users and Goldmine users can schedule meeting with each other. Goldmine user has to include Exchange users and automatically exchange users meetings appear to the Goldmine users.
  • Goldmine contact information can be shared with public contacts folder in Exchange and Exchange users can view that information.