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Goldmine CRM slogan was, to turn your contacts in the gold, when it was founded back in the early days it was one of the leaders with products such as Act.  Goldmine software technology platform has fallen behind after years of problems with Goldsync, gold (sink) and synchronization not working.  Also the discontinued versions of gold mine that were the most popular have left many users stranded with poor or no support.  Goldmine parent company has a much more business coming from their customer service type solutions. Pure CRM applications so the focus on feature development has been missing for a long time goldmine has several different versions of standard, corporate, enterprise etc. 

There are small differences between them but often not enough to justify the cost difference.  Goldmine CRM consultants often charge exorbitant rates for a very poor service on an older product it has the lowest technology rating that we have seen due to this lack of ongoing innovation.  Goldmine in the past was a very nice sales force automation package and worked well if you did not have to customize it and if you did not need synchronization in multiple offices or to share data with other people.   The data structure is a bit outdated and user interface is less than intuitive leading to poor usability without considerable work.  Goldmine does have a mature rich feature set with high customizability, with very low ongoing costs.