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Goldmine Training Team Canada

Our Goldmine Training Team at a glance has over two decades of implementation, development, deployment, training, and support experience with Goldmine Customer Relationship Management solutions. Our facilitators customize course material to that of the user base, be it seasoned Goldmine users or a user’s first exposure, we adapt our training.

Not all training is equal, not all trainers are equal. Selecting the best training team is essential for successfully maximizing your Goldmine CRM investment. Poor trainers can leave already overwhelmed users feeling lost and discouraged, results in productivity losses from the training courses and confusion to follow, and leaves the ‘trained’ users no better off meaning no change in Goldmine customer relationship management user adoption rates (which were hoped to increase) or productivity (fewer data entry errors and more confidence with the Goldmine software).

Excellence Sets Us Apart

Goldmine Certified. Our Goldmine training team is industry certified in the products that they teach and have been using Goldmine CRM for more then 5 years. This is the key; the best teachers have always been the ones that use the solutions that they instruct on. Software University provides the knowledge, experience teaches application of the knowledge. Our Goldmine Training teams have both.

Goldmine Experience. Our trainers have mixed backgrounds, some having been developers who have migrated to support roles, others having been in customer support that have moved to facilitating larger training classes. The critical point is that our trainers have more then head knowledge; they have slugged it out in the trenches and understand the challenges first hand.

Goldmine Growth. Use it or loose it. Because Goldmine Training is a core portion of our business, our facilitators and trainers are continuously training which enables us to continuously improve our techniques, course materials, and methodology. Don’t select a company that does Goldmine training on the side, rather, select a Goldmine training team that is continuous re-investing and improving to bring the best value to your business.

Skill Level Assessed Goldmine Training. Prior to a Goldmine training course, we can administrate a Goldmine Skill Level Assessment test. The test helps to determine the knowledge of users, identify areas where Goldmine usage knowledge gaps may exist, and when multiple classes are to be run, properly group users together so as to avoid teaching at too basic a level for intermediate users and too ‘assuming’ for beginner users. Successful training results in all users, no matter their Goldmine CRM skill level learning and improving. Ineffective training is evident when a user comes away without having been presented with new material to learn. Our Goldmine Skill Level Assessment test results in more effective training sessions.

Goldmine Training Options

We have several options available for Goldmine training, some provided by our Goldmine Training teams and others handled by Software University. Goldmine training will help your business maximize your ROI in purchasing Goldmine CRM. Onsite. We have strategically located Goldmine Customer Relationship Management / Goldmine CRM teams placed to enable easy onsite training sessions. Enjoy the benefits of a friendly real person facilitating the training, 0 travel time for the attendees, a familiar environment, working with familiar data, and the opportunity to learn in a ‘real-world’ environment. Online. All online training is handled from our Goldmine Toronto Training center. Trainees require an Internet connection and Internet Explorer. Enjoy the benefits of 0 travel time for the attendees, a familiar environment, working with familiar data, and the opportunity to learn in a ‘real-world’ environment. The class sizes tend to be smaller then that of Onsite classes. Classroom. Offered through Software University – Classroom. Realtime Learning. Offered through Software University – Realtime Learning. Anytime Learning. Offered through Software University – Anytime Learning.

Goldmine Training Courses

The Goldmine Training team have developed training modules that can be combined together to work as a training session. We have training courses that cover the following:
  • General Goldmine Training
  • Goldmine Administrator Training
  • Goldmine Information Manager Training
  • Goldmine End User Training
  • Goldmine Remote Client Training
A more complete list of Goldmine Training courses is available on our Goldmine Training Courses website page.