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Migration Without a Migraine
Information management is critical to the success of your business and your ability to retain customers and build long-term customer loyalty. Moving information from one system to another, however, is often complicated by the number and types of information sources that are typically involved. Our migration solutions use advanced extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) technologies to ensure data accuracy, maintain low total cost of ownership, and address the full spectrum of user scenarios.

With years of experience within the CRM software and solutions industry, our Canadian Saleslogix experts can assist transitioning into Saleslogix. We recommend that all customers considering the transition have performed a CRM Migration Audit which will analyze the existing solution, the new requirements, and the customization required to make user adoption and buy-in successful.

The migration tool, Migrator, reduces the cost and complexity of migrating customer information to a new CRM system. With a standard set of ‘migration packs’ that include all of the data mappings and transformation rules, Migrator can be used to quickly extract and transform critical customer data and move it seamlessly to the right CRM Solutions product for your business-be it ACT!, SageCRM,, or Saleslogix.