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97% End User Adoption – Double the National CRM User Adoption Average

People buy from people they like, getting the right people on the  team in the right positions, doing the right activities increases  sales.

Technology is never the answer it is just a tool that helps to  attract, focus, and motivate top sales performers. Most reps spend only  a few hours selling a day the rest is eaten up by email, paperwork, travel, trouble shooting, and a long list of low or no profit  activities.

You increase revenue with strategic sales systems and CRM business processes optimization with 97% end user adoption, double the national average by saving time doing paperwork, improving organization of customer information leading to more productive selling time relationships / planning time.

Quality Integrity Laws of Strategic Sales Productivity Systems

  • Reps Love to use simple powerful Strategic Sales Systems that answer “what is in it for me” as a sales rep
  • Automatic Management Reporting Results of Activities and Opportunities must give the control and visibility management needs
  • Listening to your customer better understanding and tracking their needs, requirements and wishes shall be paramount
  • Communicating your marketing message congruently, speaking with one voice and knowing who said what when where to who shall be recorded in the system
  • Return on Investment shall be calculated before any purchase is made

When it comes to your sales performance :

Can you know quickly your top products, make timely knowledgeable business decisions, or improve your lead progression process.

The ability to analyze sales performance is essential to the success of a business. Quality Integrity implements top market share solutions that we strategically understand; this is how we ensure quality and integrity when we recommend solutions our clients.

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