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Microsoft dynamics crm is a CRM product that is very widely used in middle sized businesses. It has several benefits that make it the number one choice for a lot of enterprises around the world. One of its best features is that it is easy to use. Microsoft Dynamics CRM looks and feels familiar.

The product has been consistently developed with ease of use in mind, and has always aimed to work the way its users do. Its flexibility makes it possible to be used by small or even large sized companies. Whatever the size or type of your organization is or the sector you operate in, Concentrix can configure Microsoft CRM to meet your exact business needs.

It can also be integrated with other programs, making it more functional. Its integration with Outlook and other software is one of its greatest benefits. It also integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SharePoint, delivering productivity gains throughout your business.

This CRM software offers some of the broadest range of features and functions available. The features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 extend this functionality even further to provide and even greater range of possibilities and business benefits. It is a reliable software, being extensively used, known as a trusted CRM solution. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can transform every touch point into a marketing opportunity, always having at hand all information within your customer base. With its high quality marketing management and automation software, you can market more effectively, improve productivity, and gain insight into your marketing campaigns.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is suitable for a variety of businesses and enterprises, but particularly those with a requirement for in-depth customer knowledge, with a variety of different departments and teams that require a single, flexible customer management solution. Organizations that need to build on customer loyalty to increase profitability and that desire to consolidate and centralize customer and prospect information will also find this software very useful. Even though many CRM products can be pricy, this one if quite affordable. Despite its power, extensive features and deep functionality, it is the most cost-effective solutions available nowadays.

The fact that it empowers users makes it popular all around the world. It has familiar Microsoft Office Outlook environment and tools, designed to support fast adoption, personal workflows and high utilization.

Certain modules of Microsoft Dynamics CRM help you manage contacts and accounts, improve time management, promote leads to opportunities, generate and send communications, manage workflow, create targeted lists, manage and track costs and so on. Microsoft CRM supports everything from the initial planning stages through to measurement of success.