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Microsoft Dynamics Customization Canada

The power of Microsoft Dynamics is not only in its Microsoft Dynamics add-ons but in its architecture that enables end-user customization and tailoring to a company’s specific CRM requirements. The flexibility to customize Microsoft Dynamics should be tempered and refined by a Microsoft Dynamics Design Audit that we have found leads to a 97% deployment success for one of our leading Canadian Microsoft Dynamics partners.

A brief outline of the customization capabilities is listed below – the level of customization and capabilities will depend upon the Microsoft Dynamics partner you select – we can recommend Microsoft Dynamics partners who will best server your requirements, please contact us so that we may help you.

Microsoft Dynamics Customization Capabilities:
  • Workflow customizations can be adapted on a user by user basis tailored to maximize the efficiency and simplify the tasks. Fighting against the software leads to poor adoption rates and frustration. With partners with a 97% adoption rate – we can get you started on the right path to success.
  • Tailored sales process steps.
  • Opportunity Pipeline snapshot personalization to show the most important information quickly.
  • Precise, to-the-specification report creation that maximizes data visibility.

Microsoft Dynamics has built in support for rolling out customized screens and forms to all workstations making it easy to keep all users synchronized and updates a much less painful process.

Over the product lifespan of Microsoft Dynamics Canada, our Microsoft Dynamics Canada support and Microsoft Dynamics Canada training staff have found consistent areas within the application that are customized.
  • Enhancing and reorganizing forms within the Microsoft Dynamics Accounts module.
  • Enhancing and reorganizing forms within the Microsoft Dynamics Contacts module.
  • Enhancing and reorganizing forms within the Microsoft Dynamics Opportunities module.
  • Enhancing and reorganizing forms within the Microsoft Dynamics Leads module.
  • Enhancing and reorganizing forms within the Microsoft Dynamics Tickets module.
  • 3rd party software integration with fax solutions, accounting, sales representative compensation packages, inventory management, and more.
  • Enhanced and tailored Data Security that applies business specific security rules to the information available to different users. This often results in customizations to module forms.
  • Workflow business processes tailored to business requirements to guide users through various business processes.
  • Database integrity and information management business processes to ensure up-to-date customer information, correctly completed lead generations, etc.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization Toronto

Our primary customization team is located in Microsoft Dynamics Toronto with additional offices in Microsoft Dynamics Vancouver, Microsoft Dynamics Calgary, and Microsoft Dynamics Montreal. Our senior Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization experts have over a decade of experience with Best CRM solutions, starting back in the day with TeleMagic CRM.

At Microsoft Dynamics Canada, we encourage all customers interested in Microsoft Dynamics customizations to engage in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Design Audit that can save your organizations tens of thousands of dollars, time, and user frustration. Poor CRM adoption leads to failed implementations, at Microsoft Dynamics Canada our priority is to maximize user adoption, have successful implementations and create customers for life, this journey begins with a CRM design audit.