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Quality Integrity remembers the day the news hit,  ‘Microsoft was getting into the CRM business’.   Shock waves went crashing throughout the CRM world.  Much eager anticipation and then disappointment unveiling of version 1.0 in January 2003.  It looked promising but Quality Integrity preferred to avoid lawsuits so they didn’t sell it.  Basically it was not ready for consumption or prime time in any way whatsoever.    Fast forward to today, the latest release CRM 2011 is a robust useable product reliable enough to build your business on.

In the competitive business world every customer is important. To retain existing customers and add new customers, organizations need to work out sales and marketing strategies. It is also important to focus on the service operations to win customer loyalty and to achieve repeat sales. Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution helps organizations to improve sales, marketing and service operations in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

What do you need to know about Microsoft CRM?

Microsoft CRM’s Strategy is to gain market share by giving it away for free to all Microsoft Partners who are starting to use it and recommend it to end customers.   Low cost to free bundling with other Microsoft products gives it a direct volume advantage for all the Microsoft IT shops.

 Leveraging the very large Outlook user base gives it marketing seeding penetration and a huge potential upgrade base.  We are seeing companies get burned with Microsoft CRM because so many inexperienced partners are flooding the market with Microsoft CRM services.  

Often talented internal IT people get bogged down and distracted from more important priorities trying to implement CRM.  CRM is NOT just an IT project.


How can our consultants help you with Microsoft CRM?

  • The number one mistake companies make lately is to choose MSCRM and then send a few internal people for training who’ve never even worked with any CRM before and then expect them to lead a successful deployment of CRM across the company or enterprise.   CRM is half technology and half human.  If you don’t “get it right”  perfectly out of the gate, you will damage user perception and decrease user adoption.
  • Our Microsoft CRM clients select us because we have several times more experience with CRM than any of these partners.
  • We rolled out one of the first largest CRM Online installations and learned important lessons.
  • When Microsoft CRM projects fail or need superior expertise, clients select us to rescue, redesign, re-deploy crm.
  • Migration, switching or exporting to or from Microsoft CRM.
  • Being one of the first Microsoft certified in the country we understand it, even old versions at a very deep level.  Your users love it because our Microsoft CRM developers have come from working on more mature CRM’s and know how to make it easy to use. 


What do our consultants have to say about Microsoft CRM?

After you decide to implement Microsoft CRM, it is very important to define a road map for the implementation. You must be careful about selecting an implementation consultant. Having CRM consultants on our team that have been delivering the promise of CRM before Microsoft CRM existed and highly experinced in the private and public sector gives you a unique strategic advantage.  Simpllifying the complex and achieving full user adoption.    Selection of expert consultants with many years of experience in this field can reduce risk of failures.   Here’s a dirty little industry secret – Microsoft touts it’s integration with Outlook but the fact is many other vendors also offer terrific integration with Outlook and have been doing so for a long time.   Real customer feedback comments also indicate that even though MSCRM is accessible right in outlook, sometimes this restricts having an optimal design or makes it confusing to work with rather than having it in a totally separate window.