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Bread Crumb
For any CRM to become successful in the market, it is essential to provide powerful integration facility with third party software so that customers can gain maximum out of their CRM installation. Microsoft understands this and provides powerful Integration with third party software and other Microsoft Products. Microsoft provides accelerators, which you can use for integration purposes with other products.

Microsoft CRM provides integration between Microsoft Business Solution – Great Plains and Microsoft CRM. Integration between Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Business Solutions – Solomon is also possible.

Microsoft CRM Integration also offers an administration tool. You can define what data should move between the systems.

Microsoft BizTalk Server offers customization for data integration between systems. Microsoft CRM integration is achieved using the following:

  • Components move latest updated data out of the application. Entities are checked if they are updated.
  • Both the systems taking part into integration process send and receive messages.
  • You can add business logic to the data integration procedure.

Understanding Data Integration Process

Let’s understand Microsoft CRM integration functionality between Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Business Solutions – Great Plains.

The first step is publishing to a message queue. When data is updated in any system, an event occurs. Updated Data is moved to a particular location. From this location data is published to Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ). Data is moved out in XML data format. After the data is moved out of the queue then Microsoft CRM doesn’t play any role. Microsoft BizTalk receives function data from the queue. After receiving the data, Microsoft CRM integration pre-processor analyzes the data. It fires query if any more data records are required. After receiving all the necessary data BizTalk Messaging services sends a message to the proper channels. All the channels will create outbound records based on the mapping and submit it to the Application Integration Component (AIC). BizTalk mapper tool allows users to customize data transfer. For the data integration between Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Business Solutions – Great Plains AICs are used for data delivery.  AIC is directly communicating with Microsoft CRM platform layer. In the case of Microsoft Business solutions – Great Plains, AICs communicates with objects in the user interfaces of the applications.