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Microsoft CRM is a customer relationship management software from well-known Microsoft. It supports the full cycle of customer relationship management, from lead generation to the after sales services. It supports all the phases of client relationship management enabling organizations to improve client satisfaction resulting in all over growths of the business. Microsoft CRM software is scalable to match the requirements due to business growth. Microsoft CRM can be installed in-house and also can be subscribed as a Software as a Service option (SaaS).

Microsoft CRM consists of 3 modules, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. It provides different functionality to different users according to their role, but share the same database.

Microsoft CRM Sales
This module supports all the processes of a full sales cycle. It includes tracking leads, analysis and appointment management. It includes the following activities.
•    Contacts and Accounts Management
•    Improved Time Management
•    Covert Leads to Opportunities
•    Efficient Sales Pipelines Management

Microsoft CRM Marketing
Microsoft CRM supports all the aspects of marketing including campaign management and communications with a large number of people. It includes the following activities.
•    Workflow Management
•    Generate Targeted lists
•    Cost Management

Microsoft CRM Customer Services
Microsoft CRM customer services module provides all the functionality needed to support service operations. It gives all service related information for a customer which is important for customer retention. It includes following activities.
•    Allocate customer cases to teams.
•    Create knowledge-base to solve problems quickly.
•    Check history related to particular cases