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Microsoft CRM provides some important reports and also facility to customize reports according to your needs. If you are not happy with the default layout and look and feel of the reports then you have flexibility to change it.

In the competitive business environment, quick decision making is important to survive in the business. Reporting tools play important role to achieve organizational goals.  Microsoft CRM Reporting offers different tools like Excel reporting, dashboards and custom reports to meet the specific needs of the business.

Excel Reporting Tool

Microsoft CRM Reporting features provide facility to use Microsoft Excel pivot table reports feature. You can customize your own reports using this tool. You need to define the search criteria of the data, once this is done then you can export data into Microsoft Excel. Pivot report is easy to define and uses exported data from Microsoft CRM. This tool is extremely useful for the business managers and users who are familiar with Microsoft Excel.

Custom Reports

Microsoft CRM Reports include a variety of reports to meet your regular business needs. There are around 20 pre-defined reports to meet your daily reporting requirements. These reports include account overview, sales pipeline, sales forecast and sales activities. If you want any report which is not readily available then you have facility to develop customized reports. Moreover there is a drill-down facility in the reports which provides detailed insights in the report. You can select a particular part in the report and for that part you can go into detail for further information. This feature saves lots of time of the users by providing related information quickly.


Dashboard is a very important reporting feature. It presents reports in a graphical presentation so you can have a quick look to understand the report. Moreover it produces real-time information, so at any point you can look at the dashboard to understand its current information. This information include sales activities, support issues, closed deals, lost deals, customer inquiries and many other issues.