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Bread Crumb
Microsoft offers several options for support. Microsoft provides resources for support on the official website. The official website provides links to customer services, downloads, technical solutions, updates and answers to main issue pages.

Information on Homepage

Microsoft CRM home page provides basic information about the product, trial software, purchasing options, demos and technical resources.

Resource Center

Microsoft CRM Dynamics Resources center provides links to various resources available for use. These links are for business users and also for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Administrators. Business users can get information about how to get started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Outlook. Videos are also available on various topics. Some of the videos are listed below.

  • How to transfer data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • How to work with orders, invoices and quotes
  • How to organize business activities
  • How to use dashboard
  • Steps to use Microsoft Outlook for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM resource center also contains links to the community pages. It contains links to the community forum where you can ask questions to CRM experts and get answers. You can read FAQ and blogs from other CRM customers.

Microsoft CRM Dynamics resource center also offers knowledgebase for self-support.  You have options to communicate with system administrators for support and you can also speak to the help desk.