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Oracle CRM is one of the best solutions suitable for enterprises with thousands of employees, which has been successfully used by small and medium sized companies all around the world in the last few years.

What do you need to know about Oracle CRM?

The interface of Oracle CRM on demand has been adapted to give the same look as Microsoft Outlook, which makes it easier to learn and use.  It includes tools for landing pages and Microsites, digital prospect tracking, progressive profiling, lead scoring, email marketing, nurture campaigns, automated distribution of sales-ready leads to the sales team and marketing analytics. Oracles CRM Strategy is direct, purchased, on demand, or Siebel.   More than  4.6 million business users around the world have successfully implemented Oracle’s CRM solutions.

How can our consultants help you with Oracle?

  • Our years of Oracle consulting experience allow us to offer integration to Oracle feeds and CRM, but also offer other CRM’s running on a true Oracle database backends.   This often provides a much more robust dedicated CRM feature set at a lower cost than an Oracle CRM direct option.  
  • We often help people switch to or from Siebel or Oracle CRM based on their changing needs and desires to cut costs and consolidate.  Defining pragmatically the best CRM strategy is what we often do to start with the Design Audit.
  • Oracle’s Siebel CRM 8.0 was designed for the rapid pace of change, so you can capitalize on the best opportunities for growth while ensuring maximum satisfaction levels for your customers. Our consultants  execute design audits which will help you determine the best way to customize and implement Oracle CRM.


What do our consultants have to say about Oracle?

After you decide to implement Oracle CRM, it is very important to define a road map for the implementation. You must be careful about selecting an implementation consultant. Selection of expert consultants with many years of experience in this field can reduce risk of failures.