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Bread Crumb
Oracle CRM is a module of the oracle ERP Accounting System or its primary database language and can have Siebel CRM as a option, so it can be custom programmed to do a lot.  Transactional and Analytical data is comprehensive and is a lower cost than developing a similar solution from scratch using internal IT. From e-billing, contracts and customer service. Oracle CRM has just been added essentially to have what the other guys have and to get wallet share in larger organizations tied to the Oracle platform. 

The amount of time and effort and resources deploy or setup Siebel Oracle CRM correctly are often higher than taking a best of breed application developed for CRM from the get go which can be up and running in days and weeks.  Oracle on demand CRM is an online version of it.  Both Oracle CRM and Oracle on demand CRM are best for organizations with oracle is our backbone and over 1000 users required in most cases.