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SEO Rates and Packages

Search Engine Optimization is neither a one-step process nor a single one-time solution; rather it is a process, spread over months, with multiple phases, with continuous refinement and tweaking. Are search engine optimization plans and packages incorporate this, and our experience all but guarantees results.

New Customer Starter Design Audit

Mandatory 4 to 8 hour internet competitive marketing strategy initial consultation with valid business case creation. We will analyze your unique strengths, existing site structure, lead sources, markets and target audiences, points of marketing attraction, competitors presence and weaknesses. We will help you develop goals, target message ideas and keywords. You will get recommendations of new site structure, components and functionality. We will go together through legend building, content generation planning, hosting and registration options, SEO Internet Marketing Strategy and new customer profitability evaluation. – $495

New Customer Plan 1: Competition Beater

  • New Potential Customers Guaranteed
  • First results normally within 3 months of listing
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization SEO structure resistant to search engine algorithms changes
  • Natural SEO Strategy to outsmart your competitors marketing, development and execution
  • Website 5-15 pages/keywords, 120 hours of Development plus execution
  • Top 10 positions for many of the selected keywords
  • Optimized text creation, SEO friendly copywriting
  • Reverse-engineering of your top competitors sites, exposing their weaknesses
  • Strategic domain name selection
  • SEO Strategy Development
  • Timeless Buoyancy methodology
  • Geographically Specific Internet Marketing as needed
  • Graphic Design
  • Unique HTML web design, no reused templates
  • Site Hosting setup and maintenance
  • Hand done submissions to major Search Engines
  • Paid inclusions into major Key Directories
  • Monthly Internet Marketing improvement and monitoring
  • Monthly Keyword Ranking Report
  • Monthly Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Monthly Search Engine Positioning (SEP)
  • Your Monthly Report showing real ROI and profit
  • Value, Best results 6-12 months find out more

New Customer Plan 2: Top Page Climber

This is our most popular plan

  • All of the Included Features from New Customer Plan 1 Competition Beater Plus
  • Top Page Positioning for many generic, category and specific topic keywords
  • Medium-Large site 45+ pages/keywords
  • 2 months of dedicated development & design
  • Weekly internet marketing improvement with the best linking and technology
  • Multimedia prototypes
  • Custom Graphics Design and Photography
  • Unique proprietary creative design and color optimization
  • Creation of new Marketing Response Hooks built in the site
  • Psychology based design; semiotic & linguistic programming
  • QualityIntegrity extended cross marketing
  • Competition Exclusivity we will not service your competitors for the same keywords
  • Linking Partnership: negotiation, maintenance, dynamic content, link exchange directory
  • Search Engine Expansion & Maintenance 50% off for following years
  • New Potential Customers Guaranteed
  • First results normally within 1 month of listing
  • Build your Brand and Credibility

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