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Saleslogix CRM Professional Services – CRM Expert Solutions

Let our Best Saleslogix CRM experts work with your CRM deployment team in developing the requirements (our industry leading CRM design audit) through final deliverable checklist certification, our experts will share knowledge and techniques to ensure objectives are met, goals achieved, and user acceptance and adoption rates are surpassed.

Our Saleslogix CRM experts work and play well with others, this sounds cliche, but it is important for a company bringing in outside consultants to have unity and agendas sidelined so that the project is success. Our experts can be involved in as much and as little as dictated. Having experts with over a decade of Saleslogix CRM integration, Saleslogix customization, and Saleslogix deployment, we have real-world hands-on experience, not just a certificate gained by exams.

Our Saleslogix CRM experts do not only know Saleslogix but have years of experience with other Best CRM solutions as well as with competitor solutions. It is this robust knowledgebase that we pull from and make available to all Saleslogix CRM users.

Even if you do not use our Saleslogix CRM experts for any other service, it is well worth the investment of going through our Saleslogix CRM Design Audit. We can not emphasize enough the importance and value of this service, customers that have gone through the process testify to the thousands of dollars saved and the above industry average user adoption rates.

Our Saleslogix CRM Services:
  • Functional Requirements Definition
  • Implementation Planning
  • Product Installation and Configuration
  • Data Conversion / Data Migration
  • Customization
  • System Integration
  • Upgrades
  • Web and LAN Development
  • .NET Development / Web Services / Web Portal Creation
  • Customized Training and User Documentation
  • System Assessments
Our Saleslogix CRM Services Team:
  • Project Manager
  • Implementation Leader
  • Lead Architect
  • Technical Specialist
  • Software Engineer
Our Saleslogix CRM Service Focus Areas:
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Aviation
  • Communications
  • Wholesale Trade
  • Retail
  • Experience in 70+ Industries