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More SEO Rates and Packages

Intended for Top Level Clients with unique requirements in extremely competitive industries. We only accept limited number of clients for top search engine placement with QI Strategic Domination Program. Those that qualify benefit from an immediate ROI usually within the first 2 weeks, with PPC, then driving Organic SEO, then Traditional Marketing Takeovers.

  • Dedicated Web tech plus direct access to a Chief Business Marketing Architect
  • Customized selection of over 1000 keywords analyzed to reinforce your brand
  • Specific price, brand, model, number code keywords used when customers are ready to buy
  • Use of high traffic keywords your competitors are not optimizing their pages for
  • Intense multiple unique network linking strategy and sponsored marketing
  • Top of Google, Yahoo, MSN with our ISP independent network
  • PPC Management, Google Direct site map setup
  • Daily SEO and SEP
  • Advertising expense reduction, accurate sales and marketing effectiveness reports
  • Traditional marketing review, enhancement, conversion, integration and domination
  • Top 411, Yellow Pages and Additional Media domination
  • Get 89% of the calls with our AD response written explosion, making your phone ring off the hook
  • Referral rewards and customer loyalty retention program reducing your marketing costs
  • Optional Online customer qualification and workflow
  • Automated Knowledge Alerts, 24/7 instant intelligent response
  • Contact Management Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system lead stream import integration
  • Live Sold Customer Delivery Program, supplementing existing sales capabilities
  • Company repositioning for new products and markets, ex competitor hiring to handle the increasing volume

Imagine, How much do you think it is worth, to have someone who has done it before, willing and competent to implement and make it happen for you. This is most popular for Mergers Acquisitions, Takeovers, and Corporate Turnarounds and privately held companies creating lasting shareholder value. Double your Potential New Customers Guaranteed. Project fee + % of above and beyond, typical projects we have done are responsible for over 1 million increase in revenue and profit.

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