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You are responsible to increase sales revenue, profitably growth, and forecast the future. Personal production and old style ask the top of sales for a forecast, who asks the top of each region or division for a forecast, who asks each individual sales rep for a forecast, who sometimes ask customers for forecasts, just does not work to deliver you real time accurate sales forecasts you need. In this economy “The World is Flat” competitive pressures will force you to improve sales leadership. To lead you need to know where you are, what sales activities and opportunities your team is working on, know competitors positions, and focus your sales on the best most profitable business. New sales Management Tools and Dashboards give you the visibility required to make better management decisions with accurate data.With Strategic Sales Systems that reps love to use you can implement your plan to build stronger relationships with your customers and prospects faster. Integrate your key business systems and Pocket PC, Blackberry and Mobile devices and empower your sales team to win. Learn why more than 60% of CRM projects fail and why most waste money, and how Design Audits Guarantee Success. Call 1-800-750-4660