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Bread Crumb

Are you driving Blind? Profitable relationships managing with integrity and full reporting visibility

Does your current customer relationship management strategic sales solution provide you the following:

    Real-time Performance Indicators.
      • How quickly can you see what your sales department is doing?
    Dashboards and Details.
      • Does your existing customer  relationship management software make it easy to get a high level  overview and still get at the meat and potatoes?
    Comprehensive Visibility and Insight.
      • Is your existing strategic sales solution fine-tuned to provide meaningful information?
    Decisions with Confidence.
      • Do you make decisions based on estimates or facts?
    Macro vs. Micro.
      • Can you see the big picture and then take a magnifying glass to it?
    Sales Force Analytics.
      • Can you forecast the future while keeping a pulse on current sales trends?
    Management Reporting Visibility.
      • Can managers see important sales figures?
    Customer Protection.
    • Are there business processes in place  for making customer account transfers simple enabling the new sales rep  to get up to speed quickly?

    If you want to manage your business more effectively you need to be  able to measure it, analyze and tie it back to the company’s goals, objectives and strategies.

    7 Gaps in Meeting Expectations

    The seven gaps in meeting reps expectations and what you can do  about it. How a Smart Front-office is critical to being able to compete  effectively.

    • Nurture and manage your leads and opportunities to close more sales and reduce your sales cycle
    • Get real time data reporting on key performance indicators
    • Compile information from multiple locations in a Scorecard/Dashboard view
    • Remove silos and consolidate valuable customer data
    • Deliver consistent, superior customer service and improve your staff utilization
    • Increase efficiency through automated work flow
    • Improve Strategic Sales Leadership Systems