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Management Report Results with Integrity

You grow profitable relationships managing with integrity and full reporting visibility.

  • Save accurate activity and Forecasting Visibility
  • Control RO money, no risk over budget, fixed cost for what they need rather than want, good value

In still inspiring purpose. A critical condition enthusiasm, clear, credible, and inspiring organizational purpose: in effect, a “reason  for being” that translates for into a “reason for being there” that  goes above and beyond money.

It was just before Christmas a few years ago and after an over a 6  month sales cycle to launch a new innovative sales and customer service  system for their 450 reps the initial deposit cheq for over 100,000.00  was waiting for Quality Integrity. We educated the market, references  had been checked, site visits to happy customers had been done, systems  had been planned, hard ware had been set, everything thing had been  done right. Then the call came that would change everything, the top  inventor and programmer and key man was leaving the software supplier. Instead of taking the money and running or selling something that no  longer had the quality and integrity we stand for, we assessed the  situation and realized it was in the clients best interest to wait. A t our own expense we sourced and worked with another vendor to get the  right solution.

Today we only work with well established leading software and on  demand hosted and software as a service companies. In the end we lost  time and money on it, but we did the right thing and that is what we  do. It speaks volumes!