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Sage ACT!, also known as ACT!  is a customer relationship management application which was created and which is used worldwide to keep track of client and prospect details in a single database that can be shared by multiple users. This means that the same information which is vital for your company can be shared and used through all the company, no matter how many departments it has. The program makes data available and ready to be used to all employees.

Sage ACT! CRM is easy to use and easy to adapt to the needs of the company, because it integrates with well known programs such as with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel,Outlook, and other popular applications. These programs are useful in order to generate and track communications with the contacts maintained in Sage ACT!. Thus you won’t need to change anything in your company and the training will also be minimal. The compatibility of the program with other applications makes it efficient and is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Sage ACT! CRM makes many things much easier for you, for the employees of a company and also for the clients and prospective clients as well. Thanks to this software it easy for employees to have meaningful conversations with customers by having an organized view of the customers.

Sage ACT! CRM can be used for various things, including the following: managing your contacts, groups and companies, managing your activities and calendar, integrating with Microsoft Office software, integrating with social media, managing your sales opportunities, accessing easily important dashboards and reports, customizing access rights and permission rights. Sage ACT! CRM is ideal for many things that make your business go smoother, such as sending all of your updates, promotions, newsletters and letters to individuals or your whole database by email or mail. Thanks to Sage ACT! CRM you will know what to send and how to send it when it comes to analyzing your sales trends and customer profiles. It can also be used to send e-mails and letters, and store information about phone calls and meetings.

Sage ACT! CRM includes various tools and application, and it can also be used with other programs. It has contact management, a calendar, communication tools, the ability to track prospective customers, “dashboards”, reports, and the ability to synchronize data from other applications or over the web and so on. You can use its tools fully for your company no matter what type of industry it belongs to.