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Sage CRM formerly ACCPAC CRM was acquired a number of years ago.  It was the newest technology in the Sage CRM family which included ACT, Sales Logix and other accounting system modules that cover off contact and customer relationship management. It is expected to be the long-term flagship product of Sage and has the advantage of options whether you want to have it on premise hosted by Sage, partner hosted, or hosted yourself, you have several options due to its great set of features.  It is especially preferred if you wish to integrate to one of the Sage accounting packages.

Strategy is to provide a CRM module or branded program for all their ERP, accounting and other programs.  We provide Sage CRM consulting for integration with not just SAGE products but also with other ERP and accounting systems.  Sage CRM originally ACCPAC CRM was a program we started working with over 20 years ago so we understand its history and the best places for it to fit in.  The low cost and flexibility of deployment options is attractive compared to some other CRMs in this ERP integration space.   Long term, this will be the most developed and cherished CRM product in the Sage family.

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