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Strategy is to provide a CRM module or branded program for all their ERP, accounting and other programs.  We provide Sage CRM consulting for integration with not just SAGE products but also with other ERP and accounting systems.  Sage CRM originally ACCPAC CRM was a program we started working with over 20 years ago so we understand its history and its most suitable uses.  The low cost and flexibility of deployment options is attractive compared to some other CRMs in this ERP integration space.   In the long term, this will be the most developed and cherished CRM product in the Sage family.

Sage CRM is a web-based CRM solution. It includes marketing, sales and customer services modules. It is very easy to implement and understand. It is available in 2 options, Cloud and On-Premises.  Sage CRM in cloud offers complete details about customer related activities. You don’t need to have in-house IT infrastructure to implement it. Sage CRM On-Premises is installed in-house and can be customized as per business requirements.
  • Sage CRM supports all the phases of sales cycle and offers comprehensive analysis of sales data.
  • You can generate various different reports to increase sales.
  • Interactive, Customizable dashboard.
  • You can create and schedule campaign. You can measure effectiveness of the campaign.
  • You can study customer trends and accordingly revise sales strategies.
  • It can be accessed anywhere and supported on mobile devices.