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Bread Crumb
Integration of existing applications with CRM is extremely important to avoid duplication of work and get maximum benefits out of IT investments. Sage uses “Sage Application Integration Server (AIS) ” technology to provide integration between Sage CRM and other main Sage products.   Certified Business Partners can integrate various ERP systems, web applications and accounting applications with Sage CRM using this technology. Standard Integration Adapters are also available for Sage 200.

Benefits of Integrates Systems
•    Synchronization between Sage CRM and accounting application helps organizations a lot by saving lot of duplication of work.
•    Customer information entered into accounting gets reflected into Sage CRM database and other way round, customer information entered into Sage CRM gets reflected into accounting as well.
•    Integrated system allows check customer credit status from the accounting database. This type of information is helpful for the sales persons to process new orders and to generate new quotes. Sales persons in the remote areas can get this information on mobile devices.

Sage’s integration solutions are easy to install and Certified Business Partners can customize it to integrate with many ERP systems.
Integration with Outlook
Sage CRM offers powerful integration with outlook. You can integrate email, contacts, tasks and appointments from outlook with Sage CRM. This integration is bi-directional and works other way round also.
Sage CRM provides facility to create records in CRM database using emails from the outlook. Users are allowed to send mails from Sage CRM using outlook.
It is easy to implement and you can start using immediately.

•    Appointments and tasks can be synchronized between Sage CRM and Outlook, data is updated in both applications. This results into increased productivity.
•    Users can access Sage CRM within Outlook, this increases user adoption rate.
•    Quick search of contacts and communications using Sage CRM find utility.
All the communications with the customers is available in the Sage CRM.