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Bread Crumb
There are 3 different editions of Sage CRM. You can select cloud based or on-premise implementation option.

Sage CRM Essentials (Cloud based)
This option supports contact management and sales functionality. This option costs $20 per month and offers following features.
•    Contact Management, Opportunity Management and Lead Management.
•    Quotes and Orders.
•    Sales Forecasting.
•    Interactive Dashboard.
•    Integration with Outlook.
•    Access on Mobile Devices.
•    User Management.

Sage CRM Professional (Cloud Based)
This option supports sales, services and marketing operations. This option costs $40 per month. It supports all the functions supported by Sage CRM Essentials. Following additional functions are also supported in this option.
•    Knowledgebase Management, solutions management.
•    Case Management.
•    Campaign management.
•    Relationship types management.
•    Handling outbound calls.
•    User Management.
•    Mass Emailing.
•    Territory / Security Management.
•    Workflow

Sage CRM (On-Premises)
In this option you can customize application according to your business needs. You need to contact Sage for pricing information.
It supports all the functions supported by Sage CRM Professional. In addition to that it supports following functions.
•    Exchange Server Integration.
•    Advanced Email Management.
•    Component Manager.
•    Advanced Customizations.
•    Self Services.