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Bread Crumb
Sage Reporting offers powerful reporting features. Users need very few efforts and less expertise to generate new reports and run existing reports in Sage CRM. Sage CRM offers more than 50 default reports.
•    You have facility to create new reports with reporting wizard.
•    Crystal reports tool also can be used to generate report from Sage CRM.
•    Reports can be presented in graphics.
•    Sage CRM offers powerful interactive dashboard for reporting.

Below are some important reports in different modules in Sage CRM.
•    Sales forecast reports permit managers to apply their assessment to all the leads.
•    Reports to track campaign, from the lead generation to closing sales.
•    Sales revenue reports specific to the campaign.
•    For any service request, you can query all related data.
•    View all pending service requests.
•    List of contacts group by territory using reporting tools.