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Sage CRM also previously known as ACCPAC CRM was originally a module of a accounting package.  After changing hands, compared to other crms,  it was the most modern technology platform so Sage uses it as their standard to integrate to all of their different accounting packages which is the majority of their business.  The CRM now has some of the most flexible deployment options: purchased, rented, hosted, on premise, partner hosted, sage hosted, best of any of the products. 

Sage CRM is North American designed and now owned by the European based Sage that does not focus on CRM and so it often ends up to be just another module to someone who has an accounting or ERP system.  Sage CRM online requires a fair amount of scrolling  and is often on the lighter side with features.  Having sales, marketing, finance, and customer info in one place helps develop more profitable relationships.  Social CRM internet integration for this product is high letting you monitor and keep on top of contacts and their organizations, capturing info in real time.  Choice of interface designs and layouts are built in giving users more options.  Seamless back office integration is a plus.  Web self service lets people access knowledge bases, service cases, support etc to cut costs.