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Sage CRM training is offered by Sage University and various third party organizations. Sage University offers several learning options.

Sage University offers “Sage CRM anytime learning”   online program. You can learn Sage CRM on the internet at your convenient time. You need to register for the course first. There are many courses offered under this program. Some of them are listed below.

Using Sage CRM

This course covers sales, service and customer support modules. Topics covered are – Getting Started with Sage CRM, Search information, creating new records, Dashboard and My CRM, Leads and Opportunities, Activities, Cases, Reports. Course offers 3 months viewing facility, over 3 hours of training and contains 8 lessons.


Administering Sage CRM

This course teaches how to manage and administer Sage CRM. Topics covered are – administer roles, Teams and User templates, security profiles, data upload, user settings, quick start, outlook integration, email, quick notification, customizations, marketing campaigns, component manager and Sage CRM Solo. Course offers 3 months viewing facility, over 8 hours of training and contains 14 lessons.


Sage CRM Cloud Training

This online course is offered under “Anytime learning” program. This course covers topics – Getting Started with Sage CRM, Dashboard and My CRM, How to find information, create new records, leads and opportunities, activities, cases and reports.