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Bread Crumb
Salesforce classic approach is to bring in C level management type prospects, and then demonstrate on screen beautiful dashboards, metrics, graphs, charts and all the visual elements management crave.  With the promise of “IT-less” involvement (so you don’t have to wait for your IT department), and amazing deals to sign up for multi year commitment discounts this solution may be the right one for your company.  

This is a powerful compelling sales approach, however what gets missed is all of the very expensive and hard work of customization, data import, training, roll-out, and user adoption. Once the company is on the hook for the solution, the real dollars start flowing for consulting fees to do all of these things to get it installed up and running so users can benefit.   Salesforce has one of the most popular App-exchange environments, offering solutions to various customer problems and industry vertical needs.

SalesForce’s software architecture enables software vendors to build bridges into the Salesforce solution enabling SalesForce to stay focused on providing market leading CRM technologies and companies to stay focused on their market segment – bringing both together to benefit you as a valued customer.

What do you need to know about Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce provides consulting services to its clients. Certified Experts with first-hand knowledge and proven track record of handling many critical assignments are providing Salesforce CRM Consulting services. Salesforce CRM Consulting services are designed to meet the needs of various requirements.

  • Platform Services help you to evaluate platforms and build your own applications.
  • Expert Services are useful when you are handling your own implementation or want to add your own technical expert into the team.
  • Custom Consulting Services are useful when you are implementing comprehensive customization to meet specific business requirements and need technical support.


 What do our consultants have to say about Salesforce?

It’s hard to find Salesforce CRM consultants with the depth and decades of experience that our team has.  Our top Salesforce consulting talent has worked in private public sectors and for Salesforce directly, and have been trained for the highest Admin Certification and Sales levels including Superiour SalesForce Strategy, Customization and Training.  Regardless of whether you want to improve or upgrade your Salesforce CRM or switch to another more popular CRM we can help.  Often starting with support and training is all you need for smaller implementations.  If you have more than 10 people and more complex needs, it is time for a Design Audit to get on the right path.