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Bread Crumb
Salesforce CRM Integration is not an additional facility but necessity these days. You need to integrate various IT components within an organization to run it efficiently. You need powerful data exchange mechanism among ERP systems and various databases within organization. Salesforce offers in-built features to integrate with applications including SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and many other third party applications. Salesforce also integrates with external cloud services like Facebook, Google AppEngine, Amazon Web Services and Twitter.

This Salesforce CRM Integration capability makes it most successful software in its market segment.

Integration Model

Salesfoce offers integration which is based on Web services API—integration partner ecosystem. Integration with Salesforce is quick, simple and safe and offers great flexibility to use existing IT infrastructure. Salesforce works with most of the middleware solutions and offers around 75 pre-built connectors for integration so you can connect to almost all major solutions. Further to customize your integration Salesforce offers support for main development environments including Java, .NET, PHP and many more. For quick integration Salesforce provides pre-integrated functionality in its AppExchange directory. Using AppExchange, you can integrate with around 800+ applications with just few mouse clicks. In addition to that Salesforce can connect to most popular cloud services including Amazon web services, Google AppEngine, Facebook. Salesforce also supplies connectors for desktop applications like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Lotus Notes and also for ERP solutions from Oracle and SAP.