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Sales Cloud Report Builder


The Salesforce Report Builder is a powerful drag-and-drop visual editor for reports. The easy-to-use interface allows you to:

  • Choose only the fields you want to see
  • Set standard and custom filters for each report
  • See the report as you build it in the preview pane
  • Easily add and remove columns
  • Sort, arrange, and group data within the report to fit your preferences
  • Show or hide summarized and detailed information as needed
  • Share your reports with other users


Third-Party Apps Enhance Your Reporting Experience

Style Intelligence for Salesforce

This software is an extension to your Salesforce reporting features. It provides customizable interactive dashboards and reporting. Style Intelligence for Salesforce is designed to increase efficiency by providing actionable business intelligence. This app is available on

Features include:

  • Dashboards and reporting for monitoring and analyzing current operations and historic data.
  • Online publication of production reports for easy, multi-user access and scheduled delivery.
  • Drill down from visualization dashboards.
  • Self-service, drag-and-drop customization and authoring.
  • Combine Salesforce data with non-Salesforce data for comprehensive reporting and dashboards.

SAP Crystal Reports 2013

SAP Crystal Reports software provides powerful, user-friendly, and dynamic reporting functionality both inside and outside of the office. Designed to work with Salesforce CRM, it helps you analyze and interpret important information. SAP Crystal Reports contains tools that make it easy to create both simple and complex or specialized reports.

Key features include:

  • Professional, richly formatted reports that can be produced quickly with an intuitive design interface and efficient workflows.
  • Broad data connectivity allows you to directly access data sources across your organization.
  • Flexible, customizable, and scalable reporting functionality helps you to find the specific information you need, when you need it.
  • Powerful, large-scale report delivery options enable you to deliver personalized information to users, partners, and customers.
  • Expanded support for Excel allows more data to be exported to a single worksheet.
  • Mobile Interactivity allows you to access your interactive reports through your mobile devices.
  • SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software, Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash and HTML 5 integration enables you to produce powerful “mash-ups” pulling data from various sources.
  • Certified Windows 7 compatibility.