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SalesForce CRM and salesforce as a company is one of the most innovative CRM Products on the market today.  The “no software” slogan and subscription model and software as a service SAAS worked as initial differentiators for this product now several of the other products offer not only software as a service, hosted online, on demand but also offer on premise, and partner hosted, and multiple other options. 

Salesforce is very similar to renting your home forever you can never buy it you always have to pay multiple fees they determine and change from time to time. Often sales force prices or user counts (numbers of seats you buy) will be locked in for multiple years so even if your needs change, and you cannot reduce whenever you want or negotiate easily to reduce what you pay.  Salesforce is feature rich, the most comprehensive in the number of additional apps that can be added on to it of any of the CRMs.  However it also suffers from the sum of the slowest user productivity because of the amount of scrolling required on initial primary screens. 

For full functionality Salesforce requires an Internet connection, with very limited to no functionality offline.  Salesforce has good connectivity to Google related products like gmail.  Most people with salesforce find that they’re not there able to use most of the product and are not I utilizing some the key features.  Often users have to turn to an expert to really figure out what Salesforce can and should do for them.  Because Salesforce was born online it is one of the best pure online CRMs.  Advertising and Marketing tend to like this package the most because of all the online features for generating new contacts and leads through Social CRM innovation.   Little hardware investment is required because it’s all online and native mobile.  Salesforce has a great user base to top it all off and once you start with it you will rarely switch because it works and is hard to get all your data out into another CRM.