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 “We have a issue with our security services a desktop client is not authorized to connect directly to a DB server. So our SLX network client try to do this.  May be a wrong configuration on Saleslogix client network or on SLX server…?

The Saleslogix web solution would require a server to support Internet Information Services (IIS7), The website is built and deployed using the “Saleslogix Application Architect” this module serves the same purpose as the current “Architect” for the network client you are using. Once the site is configured and deployed to the web server, users would access the same Saleslogix database via a web browser, no SLX client software would need to be installed on the desktop. The web client offers the same functionality as the current network client including outlook integration, mail merge and crystal reports reporting. Mobile support is also included to support android, blackberry, iPad and iPhone.  Users do not need to have direct access to the SQL server when using the web client. This can be setup so that access to the web address is only available through a vpn connection or can be setup to have public access anywhere without a VPN connection.  Here is a link for a brief tour of the web client  If you would like we could schedule a time to demo the web client and talk about upgrading to Saleslogix v8.0?  In short the client desktop will NEED to have access to the SQL server, here is what happens. When the Saleslogix client starts up it communicates with the “Saleslogix  Server” for user authentication & License validation for SLX, this server also exposes the SQL server name and database name & port number to the desktop computer. From that point forward the client desktop retrieves all data  directly from the SQL Server which is then translated to the SLX user interfaces using the SLX user security. There is no work around to avoid having the client desktop communicate directly with the SQL Server that I know of,  other than each desktop user log into a “RDP” session and accesses Saleslogix from the “Remote Desktop Session” and not from the local desktop. This would involve having a “RDP” server in place.   Saleslogix Web is where we should be going with this as all communication would go to a “Web Server” and only the web server would communicate with the SQL Server & database.   Please let me know if you would like to discuss this more how saleslogix server work with the Slx client Network.