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Integrated business is a necessity of these days to survive in the competitive market and Salexlogix knows your business needs and accordingly it has designed Saleslogix CRM Integration model. It offers following features.
  • Build rich customer profiles using information gathered across institution and outside sources.
  • Build powerful customer relationship using Saleslogix CRM Integration with desktop applications, web services and business administration applications. These applications include finance & account, sales & marketing, supply and support.
  • Empower employees to interact with Saleslogix applications of daily use to perform their jobs efficiently.
  • It follows integration standards – upgrade-friendly, highly configurable, and safe to reduce the overall cost of ownership.
  • Integration with important business applications, ERP, Manufacturing, HRMS and many more.
  • Employees can easily identify up-sell and cross-sale opportunities, check stock status and price and accordingly generate proposals.  
  • Integrate Saleslogix with applications of daily use, desktop applications, office tools, calendar, email applications and document management systems.
  • Use of data from web based applications to build better customer profiles.
  • Within Saleslogix application you can see information like news, maps, stock, responses of survey and customer feedback.