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Saleslogix CRM or Swiftpage Saleslogix CRM was designed from the ground up for sales teams of 5 to 500+ users it has a mature feature set, comprehensive reporting out of the box.   Team selling, web self service and automated process are there from day one to focus your team on the most profitable opportunities.  

Its weaknesses include a dual development environment for the Lan and Web client and a lack of focus on new features and innovation.  Sales strengths are in its total cost of ownership and deployment options. 

Saleslogix is often a natural progression for people who have use Act in the past because it was designed by the same person by salespeople for salespeople.  Saleslogix technology is older for their Lan client but it can support several databases making it ideal for integration to other systems. 

Saleslogix like a few other options is good for sales reps that do have a long or complex sales cycle, or business to business sales that have a lot of detail and different people involved.  
Saleslogix  scores high for ease of use when setup correctly.  Saleslogix is a powerful CRM due to unparalleled flexibility in how you deploy, use, pay and get real return on investment on it.  Full control of Saleslogix crm product and crm data ownership with Cloud, on premise or hybrid deployment will fit your IT strategy.  Automatic Actionable Analytics including insights anywhere anytime accessibility even when you are on the road or disconnected from the internet.  Over all a good well balanced option for business to business sales.