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Saleslogix E-marketing

Saleslogix E-marketing gives you the tools you need to effectively reach everyone in your database with beautifully created email templates, web forms and surveys. Whether using email blasts or scheduled drip marketing, E-marketing enables you to intelligently track who opened and clicked your messages and rank the most interested contacts based on their interactions. Learn More

EndeavorCPQ for Saleslogix

EndeavorCPQ (Configure – Price – Quote) saves you time and enables you to close deals faster by bringing all of your departments, processes and data in line. It eliminates inefficiencies in your sales process, reducing quote turnaround time from hours to just minutes, and speeding up product deployment. EndeavorCPQ is a cloud-based mobile sales solution that integrates with Saleslogix. Learn More

Service Management Solutions

TimeLinx is a service management solution that expands your Saleslogix capabilities so you can follow your prospects, customers and projects from start to finish. From marketing campaigns through to service delivery, customer service and/or tech support, with TimeLinx you can proactively manage the progression of every customer and project right from Saleslogix. Learn More

AlphaMap – Markets – Europe, North America

AlphaMap enhances sales force productivity by optimizing your ability to schedule multiple sales appointments in the same area. AlphaMap searches Saleslogix for prospects and customers within a specific geographic territory and provides maps with driving directions so that your sales team can manage their time more effectively. Learn More

Caliper Project Management

Projects done easy! The simplest, most cost effective and intuitive project management tool for Saleslogix. Learn More

QGate PowerEntry™

Now your users can search intelligently and capture high quality account and contact details with QGate PowerEntry™ for Saleslogix. As information is added to your system, Power Entry thoroughly searches each record to ensure your database stays duplicate-free. PowerEntry is available to LAN as well as web clients. Learn More

Physician’s Liaison System

PLS is an easy-to-use, physician relationship management software built on Saleslogix that also integrates seamlessly with Outlook. It keeps all physician and practice information from across your entire organization in one place and gives you intuitive tools to manage all aspects of a physician’s relationship with your hospital. Limitless customization options also allow this software to easily grow with your organization. Learn More

Proximity Search

Proximity Search v2.0 geo-codes your Saleslogix data to allow users to quickly search for contacts and accounts within a specified geographic location in the United States and other countries supported by the Bing API. This information can then be used to generate maps, get driving directions, or complete any other Saleslogix group-filtering functions, like mail merges or reports. Proximity Search v2.0 now works with Saleslogix Mobile 2.0! Learn More

Starfish ETL™

Migrating into Saleslogix from another CRM system? Starfish ETL™ (Extract Transform Load) transfers data quickly and efficiently without data loss using pre-built data maps. Pre-built maps are available for ACT!, Goldmine, Microsoft CRM, Sage CRM, and SalesForce. Or you can build your own map using connectors for SugarCRM, Outlook, vTiger and NetSuite. Learn More

Starfish ETL™

Integrating Saleslogix with an ERP system, email client, website or a mobile platform? Starfish ETL™ (Extract Transform Load) simplifies the complexity of integration by seamlessly automating the integration, importing, exporting and data sharing process. Pre-built integrations are available for Sage ERP 100, 300 and 500. Learn More


TaskCentre empowers you with business process management tools to easily and cost-effectively automate repetitive employee-driven tasks including integrations between Saleslogix and other applications, workflow processes, alerts, document delivery and web services. Learn More

4Bridge Integration Engine

Eloqua’s bi-directional capability seamlessly integrates into Saleslogix making it easy to move contacts and leads back and forth between Eloqua and Saleslogix. This intuitive marketing tool empowers your sales team with a view into the digital “body language” of your leads and clients through Eloqua’s many tracking features. Learn More

CardScan for Saleslogix

This useful tool integrates CardScan into the Saleslogix web client. Using the Dymo Executive Business Card Scanner, it allows the user to scan information from business cards directly into the appropriate fields in Saleslogix. Learn More


Learn More


Designed for the investment management industry, ClientRep combines financial data from your portfolio accounting system, as well as other internal and external data sources, and generates an unlimited number of professional, high-quality, easy-to-read reports that can be personalized to each client. Track your reporting and keep historical data easily accessible in one tightly-controlled, automated production environment. Learn More

CozyRoc SSIS+

CozyRoc provides ETL (Extract Transform Load) solutions with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) through their advanced library of custom tasks, components and scripts for migrating Saleslogix, Salesforce, SharePoint, Excel, Dynamics CRM, GP, AX, NAV, NetSuite, QuickBooks, SugarCRM, and more. Learn More

CRM Email Sync

This tool allows a user to sync emails from an inbox and sent items folder to Saleslogix. The user is able to record emails directly from a mobile device by just moving emails to a specified sub folder. All the user administration is done from within the Saleslogix web administration area. Learn More

CRM for Investment Banking

Infinity Info Systems CRM for Financial Services powered by Saleslogix is the CRM solution designed specifically for companies in the financial services industry. By consolidating information from sales, marketing, customer service and support, it gives you quick access to prospect and client information so you can more efficiently secure, retain, and serve clients through all aspects of the sales cycle. Learn More

DataSelf Business Intelligence for Saleslogix

DataSelf Analytics expands Saleslogix business intelligence potential by adding extensive agility and depth to reporting and simplifying and strengthening analytics to turn your data into knowledge. Learn More


Radish Tools DMConnect is a digital marketing connector, integrating Saleslogix and ExactTarget, the industry-leading digital marketing platform. DM Connect gives you control over how your data is received, organized and distributed and empowers you to build e-marketing strategies driven by your customer data. Learn More


Dotmailer’s powerful data-driven email marketing platform integrates seamlessly with Saleslogix, enhancing your customer acquisition and retention by automating the lengthy and costly database administration required for list management and email campaigns. Learn More


Built on Saleslogix, Financia$Logix from BrainSell is an all-encompassing CRM solution designed specifically for wealth management firms. It provides a comprehensive view of a client’s financial and personal information, empowering your brokers to build stronger client relationships. Learn More

Inaport for Saleslogix

Inaport enables you to easily import, export, and synchronize data between Saleslogix and other data systems in your organization. From two-way data integration to data migration, management and integrity, Inaport is a premier customer data integration tool. Learn More


Scribe Insight’s unmatched flexibility supports both complex and simple data transformations, providing proven integration solutions that can grow and change with your business. Learn More

LinkPoint—Lotus Notes

LinkPoint Connect instantly shows all your Saleslogix data in Lotus Notes seamlessly. Record incoming/outgoing emails; quickly retrieve Saleslogix records from your emails; easily create contacts, leads, or new records; and sync calendars, contacts and tasks. Learn More


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Migrator for Saleslogix

With its powerful data transformation and superb matching capabilites, Inaport is the tool of choice for complex migration projects for CRM vendors and resellers around the world. Inaport capabilities such as data cleansing, fuzzy match, extensive logging and management facilities, when combined with best in class user interface for migration task design ensure that project risk is controlled and success achieved. Learn More

Riva CRM Integration

Riva delivers seamless Saleslogix data integration without the use of a plug-in. Riva only needs to be installed once on your email server to sync Saleslogix information to all email clients including Outlook (all editions), OWA, Outlook for Mac, Outlook on Citrix and Terminal Server, Apple Mail, IBM Notes (Lotus Notes), and Novell GroupWise. Built-in mobile CRM integration for iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Microsoft Surface devices are also included. Learn More


This powerful automation platform is the only pre-built, fully-embedded Saleslogix marketing solution in the industry and is available to both LAN and web clients. From nurturing leads to website performance, Salesfusion’s complete marketing functionality means you never have to leave Saleslogix to view, create, manage, direct, track, and analyze all aspects of your sales and marketing. Learn More

Sandler Sales Module

This framework enables users to integrate the Sandler Sales Training methodology into Saleslogix, empowering your sales team to employ Sandler Training strategies in the development of every sales opportunity. Learn More


TKDialogs provides simple tools for your CRM front-end that integrate seamlessly with your data. With it, you can build intuitive, self-service user interfaces on the web and workflows for call center/customer service users. The easy-to-use, flowchart tool allows you to build call scripts without requiring software development or coding. Learn More


iCharter reduces your team’s reliance on IT by giving them the tools they need to generate insightful data visualizations directly from their Saleslogix groups. Put self-service business intelligence at their fingertips for real-time, on-the-fly analysis. Learn More