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Experience Sales and Marketing Executive Briefing

Following up on your interest, I would like to personally invite you to attend our Sales Management Executive Briefing in downtown Toronto. We will focus on how to Manage, Hire, and increase the effectiveness of your Sales Force using process and technologies. This is an invitation-only event at a exclusive private club with valet parking.

For decades corporations have been searching for ways to increase Sales Force Results, traditionally by enhancing individual skills through sales training. For the past 20 years, has created new opportunities to streamline your sales and marketing reporting processes resulting in increased profits.

Your EXCLUSIVE opportunity to meet our clients and INCREASE your SALES revenue by:

  • Learning to leverage customer relationship technology
  • Finding the techniques and strategies to motivate sales teams
  • Strengthen customer relationships by incorporating the techniques right into the sales process
Guest Speakers
  • Jonathan Schloo Since 1986 CEO and Canada’s Top Sales Force, Sage CRM, Saleslogix Strategist
  • Craig Bissett President Sales Force Risk Management – Assess and Hire the Right Sales Reps
  • Greg Blysniuk TopLine Sales Compensation ‘ Improve Sales Compensation Performance
  • Bonus Session How we attracted clients from entrepreneurs all the way up to Sears, Xerox, and RBC.
8:30 Introduction
9:00 Sales Management Systems 2007
  • Increase the overall effectiveness of your sales organization, Real Sales Activity and Accurate Sales Forecast Reports you need, for better Management Decision Making
  • Plan your process to build stronger relationships with your customers and prospects faster, with full sales rep adoption, preview new sales management tools with Blackberries and Dashboards
  • Learn why more than 60% of CRM projects fail and how Design Audits Guarantee Success
10:15 Hiring Top Sales Performers
  • Hiring Simulators, Test drive candidates before you hire
  • Dating Advice from a father, Taking the risk out of hiring, better than you expected
  • Sales Compensation, Is the productivity potential of your company’s sales compensation plan being realized?
11:15 Attracting Leads that want to buy from your reps, now
  • Imagine attracting new profitable customers with search engine optimization staying power
  • Implement ROI selling strategies for the highest return on investment: Ranked #2 among the World’s richest people in 2006, Warren Buffet’s internal company management secrets
  • Double your marketing productivity with automated processes, to grow your profit
12:30 Q&A Conclusion

You will join over 100 of your peers and our clients to increase your sales revenue, leveraging CRM processes, selecting, hiring and compensating top sales reps that are strategically motivated, with fresh leads, to attract and build high-value, long-term relationships with your prospects, customers and partners. Prizes to be given away include a Blackberry Pearl and a Design Audit Package.

Register now for this exclusive event because space is limited, please contact us with the form below.