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Quality Integrity team members have certifications with Saleslogix,  Act, Outlook, Sage CRM, Microsoft CRM, TeleMagic with hands-on  experience: integrating and consolidating data, customizing user  interfaces / applications screens, and training.

With a diverse education, having degrees in: Arts, Communications,  History, Computer Science, and Medicine; we have the unique ability to  analyze solutions from multiple perspectives and with varied analytical  approaches.

Our clients benefit from our expertise in: Sales Management, Website M arketing, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Speech  Power, Six Sigma, Sales Process, Key Performance Indicator Reporting  and Sales Forecasting; having gained these expertise by using them to  build Quality Integrity. The most knowledgeable experts are those that  apply what they teach.

Quality Integrity may not have been your first stop in finding the right company, but we will be your last stop. We are very responsive  and just the right size to assist you with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, Sales Force Automation (SFA) solutions, marketing, sales team rejuvenation, effective website usage, and much more. Our technical team has unmatched expertise with each member having over 7 years each in Customer Relationship Management, making us the top CRM service company in the country.

Design Audit

Customer Relationship Management solutions are more feature rich, customizable, and powerful then ever before, to embark on utilizing CRM solutions without a plan will result in disaster. Quality Integrity strong encourages all of our clients to pursue a Design Audit as the first step of any project. Design Audits assist Quality Integrity, but they can also shape the understand of your business. Get a clear understanding of your Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation needs. Our Design Audit process has enabled us to average a 97% User Adoption rate – unheard of in the CRM and SFA industry. Read more about our Design Audit process.


Our Training and Support staff is located in North America, utilizing the latest in training and support technologies; we are live, able to instantly connect to you over the phone and internet or onsite to solve your sales and marketing systems problems. Get support from people who understand the culture, business environment, software, and can communicate this knowledge to you clearly.


Learn to maximize the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that you invested in. We provide individuals or groups the knowledge, power and motivation to fully achieve your sales and marketing goals, and simply get the ROI you deserve. We average a 97% User Adoption rate compared to others of 55-60%.

Strategic Development

Our team of strategic sales and marketing partners can resolve the most challenging leadership issues. Take the next step, contact us to move forward.