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Early Quality Integrity Clients

Have the service, knowledge, training, and support you have ever wanted. We go above and beyond to support you. Achieving 97% User Adoption rates is not done by just delivering the solution ‘ it is in the effectiveness of the training ‘ in the quick resolution to issues that may arise ‘ in the meeting and understanding the needs of your sales representatives.

Our early Quality Integrity Clients

Vice President of ABC Inc. the first company to ever buy Saleslogix “The top two things I like about Chris (System Architect) are:

  • His extensive knowledge:Chris knows SO MUCH about SLX (Saleslogix) and there is rarely (if ever) a situation that can be posed to Chris that he cannot figure out a way to work it. Our staff are continuously upgrading their skills, learning new software, especially in the areas of Business Intelligence and working with Crystal Reports. Chris has a broad understanding of Crystal and is excellent in teaching others, having the patience and ability to talk to you at your level of understanding.
  • His sense of urgency: Chris has been very responsive and flexible with his time. There were several occasions this year where we know he had to do some juggling to help us out (don’t think it went un-noticed) We have tried (twice) to bring in someone locally to help manage Ben Schloo’s Saleslogix (SLX) projects. In the end, Ben always end up working with Chris directly. The primary reason is that no-one really understands the needs of the client in combination with the capabilities of the software as much as Chris does and he is always there for me when we need him.


    Having someone solid that we and in turn you can count on in a part of our business that is so critical to our success is extremely valuable. The Quality Integrity management would like to take a moment to extend a sincere THANK YOU to Chris the extra effort he gave us to turn things around.