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Quality Integrity Customer Relationship Management

Quality Integrity success is the result of our innovative and battle  refined and proven utilization internally of the solutions we sell. Our  Customer Relationship Management solution is integrated into all  aspects of our business, enabling Quality Integrity to better  understand the specific needs of your company.

Announcing Saleslogix 7.5

Get a quick overview of the new version of Saleslogix 7.5 and these new features will increase productivity:

The Roman Legionnaire

Remembering the Roman solider who started each day with the purpose of to be material wholeness, completeness, and entirety, Quality Integrity  applies each of these goals in all of our work. Our battle proven  Design Audit, used by over 7,200 customers worldwide ensures that a  complete understand of the entire project is understood prior to  commencement of the project and serves as a testament to our success  deployment of the specified project.

Skilled CRM Technical Team

You will sell and satisfy more people with Quality Integrity. Our  technical team gives you quick answers to solve problems. Quality  Integrity is Canada’s largest and most experienced SFA CRM integration  company. It is the only company with API programmers, DOS to .NET  Designers and full time American, European and Asian trained  technicians. Quality Integrity serves the world’s leading innovative  organizations who consistently do more in less time.

Committed to Quality Customer Care

One of our senior systems service guys was on vacation in Europe  after completing a new implementation at Sears. The Sears system went  down due to not following our clear blue print recommendations, and  Sears Reps were sitting idle. After over fifty hours of support from  our service guy on vacation in Europe, they were up and running. The  amount of money Sears made helped them turn around the entire division. Soon after they expanded to many more divisions and centers.

Quality Integrity at your Finger Tips

The Country’s leading sales and marketing tactical consulting firm,  delivers world-class business analysis and practical guidance on market  challenges and growth opportunities. We offer high value services, not  high priced services. Our people are open and forthright – people you  can work with. Results are insightful and realistic, and turned around  quickly.

Customers now demand comprehensive and flexible solutions within the most aggressive IT budgets the industry has ever seen. The IT projects of today are created to immediately satisfy specific technology requirements and quickly attain ROI.

The primary objective of our enterprise consulting practice is to help our clients achieve these goals on-time and on-budget.

Quality Integrity recognizes that enterprise software can present  unending complexities and frustrations. We offer the significant  expertise and skill required to implement, customize, and upgrade  enterprise software. And by offering unprecedented levels of  flexibility and knowledge, we can ensure the rapid deployment of  specific technologies within the context of your specific IT  environment;all at a reasonable price.

Let’s Get Started

For more information on how Quality Integrity can help you with your enterprise software needs, please contact us at 1-800-750-4660 We work exclusively with the top 10 SFA CRM Mobile Solutions-and for good reason; they are the most powerful, fastest-growing solutions in the world. Nobody knows more about implementing SFA CRM than Quality Integrity.


Quality Integrity has successfully implemented SFA CRM for thousands of companies and end users — across every industry.

The depth and breadth of our experience, combined with our customer success guarantee, will deploy SFA CRM into your organization efficiently, effectively, and for the long term.

And as a custom programming group we can extend SFA CRM to create solutions that meet even your most challenging business requirements and results.

But talk is cheap. Quality Integrity has a long-standing record of success with SFA CRM that can be best described with three words: total user adoption over 97%. We understand that every company faces challenges when adopting new technologies. As SFA CRM and sales process experts, our work is not complete until your organization achieves the maximum return from your investment.

And that means empowering your users to save time, manage more clients and close more deals.

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To find out how Quality Integrity can unleash the power of SFA CRM Mobile for your organization, call us now… we’re ready to go: 1-800-750-4660 .

Others approach it this way and we can do it, how ever a Design is a the Better way The truth about CRM:

  • 30 day fixed price fixed scope implementation, quick user adoption, took too long
  • 30 day implemenation challenge, fastest implementer, works the way you do
  • #1 implementer of CRM, streamline processes all work the same