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CRM + Social Media Integration

CRM replaced the Rolodex, and now Social Media lets you share your Rolodex and so much more when properly integrated with your CRM. Leverage your Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media platforms by connecting each to your CRM with appropriate security and social media strategies in place.

Relationships are the heart of your organization and CRM brings everything together in one convenient central place. Imagine working on an account and having all the information needed from your colleagues connections and vice versa. Imagine having everything and all relationship data in one place allowing for easier communications, regardless of whether it’s a onetime communication or a targeted series of campaigns to build deep richer relationships.

Is your CRM system integration with social media working optimally to meet the needs of your reps? Do they love it? Are you and your management team getting needed business intelligence and reports? How does social media tie in? Discover the best practices learned over 25 years; how to get management, IT and users aligned, the secret to 97% rep compliance and adoption, and what we have learned delivering CRM to Warren Buffet’s companies. Now thanks to social media, Customer Service is king to ensure company growth and profitability.