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Bread Crumb
    • To be able to identify what is important, you have to be able to see the whole picture. A clear stance enabling us not only to gain trust, but also to achieve success.  Today, we are the market leader in sales system design audits and offer our clients a broad spectrum of first-class customer relationship management software implementation services. Tomorrow, we shall extend this lead and open up new markets. With our team, With our clients, With you. With far sighted strategies. For Long-Term Success

Clear Strategies – Controlled Growth

    • The better the strategy, the greater the success. Quality Integrity has  grown in all areas improving CRM software technology making it easier, more cost-effective and more enjoyable for reps. It is guided by clear strategies, that deliver systems reps love, helping people realize their full potential, and that confront the structural changes in the salesforce automation industry pro-actively, to take the right action in advance and to open up new markets. We shall continue to pursue this course, focusing in the future on what has served us well over the past  20 years: consolidating trust in our values, stability, responsiveness and closeness to clients.

Crystal Clear Information

    • Integrity, quality of information and transparency are the basis of our  good reputation. They have never had such a decisive Impact on business  success than in today’s information society. We welcome this  development because it places new significance on values that we have  always had.

Clear Structures

    • If you want to convince, you must be open. If you want to be  understood, you must express yourself clearly. If you want to trust, you must provide transparency. We want these things. Therefore our  corporate governance principles are reviewed regularly. In order to  ensure the highest degree of transparency at all times for  share holders, business partners clients.

Clear Decisions

    • The Board of Directors is responsible for the direction, supervision, and organization and control of our Group. It is kept regularly  informed via our CRM management information system that supplies both  quantitative and qualitative data about current business developments. – we use what we sell – In exercising its supervision and control  functions, the managers and Board of Directors is also assisted by the  continual input of some of the worlds best leaders leading to concerted  action. As a long term partner and client you will benefit from the  same.

Good Insight – Looking Closer

    • If you want to see more, you have to look closer. And if you invite closer insight, you must be open to inspection. Only in this manner does success become visible, success that motivates, activates and inspires. We regard this view as being the foundation of future success. For this reason our, sales, marketing and service reporting are prepared and shared throughout the company according to our Quality Integrity standards.

Good Prospects – Looking better

  • We provide owners, business partners and clients with new perspectives of success. We make the contact, account and opportunity status of your customers more transparent, provide a better basis of comparison between the individual business areas, and generate new impulses for your expanding activities. By complying to Microsoft, oracle and new web standards, we attain a quality of information, which not only improves your external image, it enhances your internal controlling functions and therefore broadens your decision making capabilities.