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Sugar CRM is one of the world’s leading providers of commercial open source customer relationship management (CRM) software. While some CRM products are only used by small companies, Sugar CRM is suitable for companies of all sizes, making it stand out among other CRM tools and software. Sugar CRM has various benefits that make it popular all around the globe. This software easily adapts to any business environment by offering a different, flexible, cost-effective alternative to other applications that have been used by companies before.

Sugar CRM is a customer relationship manager program, being a software that allows companies to more easily customize and integrate customer related business processes. This way enterprises and businesses can easily build and maintain more profitable relationships with their clients, and in the same time also make work easier for employees. Sugar CRM is a well-designed, highly extensible, on-demand CRM system.

CRM software such as Sugar CRM have been created when some companies realized that the essence of a business lies in the customer relationship. If a company has many satisfied customers, than automatically their sales will rise. This is also what Sugar CRM is used for. When handling data, Sugar CRM can make miracles. This software was designed for maximum ease of deployment for the management of sales leads, business contacts, and more. This CRM software is the best choice for budget conscious companies who want to increase their sales in an easy way.

Sugar CRM has also Web-based forms which make it easy to track new customers to an enterprise. Anyone who fills out contact info on the website of your company will be monitored as potential customer in the database. Sales people can work lead queues individually, converting leads into opportunities with possible sales forecasts and follow-up targets.

Sugar CRM is a complex program, having various tools that make it even more efficient. It has integrated e-mail system for instance that can become very handy in your business. The user of Sugar CRM can stay within this program throughout the day, rather than having numerous windows open everywhere on the desktop. The email system is also very useful for tracking communication with customers and looking for potential customers, since everything stays attached to the appropriate contacts.