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Bread Crumb
Sugar CRM Sugar is one of the CRM freeware, shareware or paid-ware products. It is easy to customize and adapt it to the way you do business. SugarCRM is an affordable web-based CRM solution for small- and medium-sized businesses.


What do you need to know about Sugar CRM?

  • Sugar has some of the lowest costs for a user product, and it has already replaced many expensive products that have the same function.
  • Sugar CRMs flexible design and intuitive interface, you can use it for many things in your business.
  • Sugar CRM is a powerful web-based Open Source CRM package, one of Source Forge’s most active projects.
  • With Sugar CRM you have an intuitive, flexible, and open enterprise CRM software solution, an open platform that leverages and expands your IBM investment, a mobile, global, and social CRM platform, and of course offering complete control over your data.


What do our consultants have to say about Sugar CRM?

The strategy ‘free’ is always good.   We have noticed an interesting correlation between the software being free, and the consultants to service it, being more expensive than average.

The free open source, shareware version helps companies with extra low cost IT resources create a simple base to create their own CRM from.   For larger deployments or companies with more complex or Business  to Business needs, this is often not the best choice.   If you wish to go down the path of custom development it is best to start with a Design Audit to lay the framework and prioritize the project.