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Bread Crumb
Saleslogix Support offers End-user and Administrator Support conducted in groups and one-on-one environments in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Toronto Saleslogix Support environments include:
  • onsite group Support in our Toronto Saleslogix offices or in your Toronto location
  • online group Support from our Toronto Saleslogix offices to your Toronto location
  • onsite one-on-one individual Support in our Toronto Saleslogix offices or in your Toronto location
  • online one-on-one Support from our Toronto Saleslogix offices to your Toronto location

Our Saleslogix Toronto Support team is flexible, knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to helping you maximize your Saleslogix Customer Relationship Management experience.

Support :: Flexibility
Onsite, online, by telephone, the Toronto Saleslogix Support team can instruct your CRM users that is convenient, meets your schedule, and is performed in an environment that maximizes results.

Support :: Knowledgeable and Experience
Our Toronto Saleslogix Support team has nearly two decades of CRM industry expertise. Our Support is both broad and specific, we ensure that the users have an overview / high level of the CRM tasks they are to perform and then we train based on the deployment CRM customizations and business processes that impact how the Saleslogix CRM solution is utilized.

Support :: Saleslogix Toronto
Our Saleslogix Toronto Support team can facilitate groups of 15 to 25 people, in which we’ve commonly found that 80% of the users are too shy to ask questions during the Support sessions. Our Support team have developed Support techniques to ensure that all attendants get the maximum benefit out of their Saleslogix Support. This comes from experienced Saleslogix CRM Support instructors with friendly personalities, extensive real-world Saleslogix CRM usage and deployment, and with a commitment to see Saleslogix CRM be the best investment your company can make.

Toronto Support Capabilities

Our Saleslogix Support team can provide Support onsite, online, over the telephone, or in our Support offices. Servicing such a wide area of land means our Golden Horseshoe Support team most often goes onsite, setting up our portable Support equipment to maximize the time spent Support and minimize business interruption.

Onsite Support provides many advantages such as:
  • 0 travel time. Our Saleslogix Support team arrives on location and leaves when the Support is done.
  • Familiar Environment. Use your company hardware and work environment. Ensures that the Saleslogix installed computers will run in Support as they would run in office.
  • Familiar Data. The Saleslogix Support team can setup a test database for the purposes of Support meaning users are familiar with the data being used. This also means that all data stays local and locked down (important for clients with confidential customer information).
  • Show and Tell. Our Saleslogix team can better asses Saleslogix CRM challenges that your business might be experiencing by passively observing day-to-day operations rather then trying to simulate the challenges within a Support facility.

Toronto Support Experience

Our Saleslogix Support team meets the requirements of all our Saleslogix Canadian teams. Saleslogix certified – checked. Saleslogix usage experience of 5 years or more – checked. Experienced facilitator that makes learning enjoyable, educational, and effective – check. Read more about our Toronto Saleslogix Support Team standards.

Customized Support Services

Our Toronto Support Team can tailor any Saleslogix University course(s) to your specific business process, deployment environment, and user skill level. Our Saleslogix Support Experts are flexible and can adapt to your specific needs. Book us now.