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Sales & Marketing & CRMs – 3 become one … Today is the first day of their new life Saleslogix ACT and Swiftpage are one.

SALESLOGIX and ACT were both born as a “wild animal” from the heart of an entrepreneur Pat Sullivan – who HAD A SOUL and fire. Then were sold into domesticated slavery to a ghost-ship foreign owned accountant-run company without a heart, who underfed and undernourished these beautiful wild powerful animals SALESLOGIX AND ACT.

Now sleek beautiful powerful wild animals have found a new home in the wild again where they can run with Swift page and be powerful and eat good things, regain their strength, and become powerful again – to transform business and do good things….. goodbye old sad ghostship accountant owners….. hello to a new life for Saleslogix and ACT….!

Now we can all work together and help you with CRM integrated Social Media Marketing, Engagement and small, medium and enterprise Sales

Run free grow and be blessed…!