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The Next Generation of Executive Leadership Symposium

The Next Generation of Executive Leadership symposium is quarterly ‘sales summit’ designed around a common theme – “How to create a high producing Sales team”. Each sales summit features presentations that discuss products and services to benefit your sales team and how these can be used to increase the effectiveness of Saleslogix CRM within your organization.

Past symposium presentations included the following:
  • Hiring the right salespeople – tips, business practices, analysis techniques.
  • Having a sales compensation plan that motivates sales people – techniques and advice in creating a compensation plan that makes accounting, management, and sales happy.
  • Implementing a ‘lead generation system’ that provides sales people with the qualified leads – how to fill their queue, optimize sales proposal close rates, keep a consistent flow of leads.
  • Continuously measure and analyze sales performance – let Saleslogix CRM Canada experts demonstrate how we can overhaul existing under-performing CRM deployments utilizing design audits and our experience with Saleslogix CRM.
Saleslogix Sales SummitTo better answer all your questions about our symposiums, please follow the link to the symposium website. Symposiums are put on in partnership with several businesses, each bringing “best in the marketplace” experience, productions, and solutions.

Thank you for your time and we how to see you at the next symposium