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First let’s see what each of them have to give separately. Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-line software is the perfect access point for your company to finally adopt CRM tools. It is similar to Microsoft programs and therefore it can be easily integrated. Moreover, since it resembles many programs that you know, you require less training to use this software. Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management solutions help your sales, marketing, and field-service teams track customer activity, improve sales effectiveness, provide superior customer service, and build more profitable customer relationships.

SalesForce is another one of the top CRM products. It continues to innovate and expand, and this is why there are more version of the software, each of them better than the other. There are also more editions, and the Professional Edition is one of the best customer relationship management subscription values in SaaS market. The less powerful points of this program are lack of flexibility, lack of functionality, systems downtime, lack of service level agreement, and multi-tenant architecture.

Saleslogix delivers integrated Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Support automation solutions that adapt to an organization’s unique customer acquisition, retention and development processes. It has more than 6,000 customers, and with them it has has garnered accolades for its ease of use and high levels of end-user adoption.

The most popular and most widely used CRM programs included Saleslogix and Salesforce together, fighting for the number one spot. Over the recent decade, Salesforce has eclipsed Saleslogix as the top CRM system, but both programs have their benefits and their weaknesses as well. Salesforce has introduced the idea of cloud software while Saleslogix, has focused on the CRM industry.

There are some differences between these two software that can help you decide which one is the right program for you. Perhaps the biggest difference between Salesforce CRM and Saleslogix CRM is their price. Both software products cost the same price at $65, although this just appears to be the same,. In fact the price of $65 includes more features for Saleslogix though. Salesforce requires additional costs for offline access, marketing campaigns, mobile APIs and other features.

The storage capacity per user for Salesforce is 20MB and the storage capacity per database is 1GB. Within the Saleslogix subscription plan, each set of 50 users allows for 100GB of storage capacity.