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How Do I Optimize My CRM System?

Speaker: Jonathan Schloo


Transform Your CRM :: Part 1


0:10 – Introduction

Morning! I’m glad to be here this morning.

I’m happy that I came yesterday because I got a chance to meet a lot of you and I was actually quite surprised. There’s a lot of enthusiasm in the room for CRM. A lot of people are looking at and interested in CRM and I was thinking about why and the light bulb switched on and I realized why.

Because of social media, things have changed. In the old days, corporate marketing departments would create a message and send it out there and consumers would read it, watch it, listen to it. That game has changed now. Where do you go if you are looking for a trip or anything else?

You go to review sites. People want to know the real truth and if you don’t satisfy your customers, they’ll talk about it. And if they talk about it, you’ll lose sales, despite how many dollars you spend on marketing and sales and advertising. So it’s interesting, yesterday I connected those two pieces because it’s a whole different light now for customer service groups.

Now, instead of just marketing and sales having all the spotlight in terms of having the dollars and the attention paid to them about CRM systems, it’s actually customer service groups that will be the next leading edge and that’s a key thing. So over the next 40 minutes, I’m going to share some best practices that I’ve learned for how you can use CRM, things that I’ve learned over the years to either help you start on getting a CRM or optimizing the CRM you already have.